WISCOMP welcomes its readers to the third issue of Peace Prints, a biannual South Asian Journal of Peacebuilding. The focus of this volume is Gender, Peace and Conflict.


Consulting Editor
Sumona DasGupta is a Political Scientist who has researched and written on gender and conflict issues for several years. She works as an independent researcher based in New Delhi and is also Senior Consultant (Research) with WISCOMP.

Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath
Ms. Seema Kakran
Dr. Sumona DasGupta
Ms. Manjrika Sewak
Ms. Ashima Kaul

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Gender Peace and Conflict                                                                                Vol. 3. No. 1: Spring 2010


      Sumona DasGupta view article

Reflections on Peacebuilding

Mari Fitzduff: Women and War in Northern Ireland – A Slow Growth to Power view article

Academic Articles

Nadera Shalhoub- Kevorkian: Palestinian Women and the Politics of Invisibility: Towards a           
Feminist Methodology view article

Rita Manchanda: Women’s Question In Nepal’s Democratic Post Conflict Transition : Towards A      
Policy Research Agenda view article

Deepti Priya Mehrotra: Irom Sharmila’s Protest Fast:`Women’s Wars’ Gandhian Non-Violence             And Anti-Militarisation Struggles view article

Swarna Rajagopalan: Gender Violence, Conflict, Internal Displacement And Peacebuilding            view article

Judith Large: The Restructuring Of Masculinities As A Dynamic In War And Peace view article

Brandon Hamber: Masculinity and Transitional Justice: An Exploratory Essay view article

Experiments with Peacebuilding

Meenakshi Chhabra (India) & Anila Asghar (Pakistan): Applying The Interactive Problem-Solving             Approach : A Workshop Between Indian And Pakistani Women view article

Emma Dorothy Reinhardt: Building Safe Communities Through Story-Sharing view article

Book Review

Gender, Violent Conflict and Development: Dubravka Zarkov (ed.)                                                                              Review: Manjrika Sewak view article


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